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Grandparents’ Rights in Georgia

Grandparents may get custody of their grandchildren in Georgia under certain circumstances. Grandparents may also get visitation rights.

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Contempt means willful disobedience of a court order, like a divorce decree. Filing an application for citation of contempt against the party intentionally disobeying a court order is one way to enforce the court order. What is contempt of court in Georgia? The contempt remedy is one of the ways to enforce a court order in Georgia. If a party is found to be … Read More Contempt

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How do I modify child custody in Georgia?

It may be possible to change or modify an initial child custody order under certain circumstances by filing a petition with the court.

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Is automatic change of custody allowed?

An automatic change of custody provision calls for a change of custody (or visitation) in the future without the court’s involvement.

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Social security benefits and divorce

Social security benefits are not divided in a divorce. However, social security benefits may be considered in awarding alimony.

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Failure to pay alimony

Failure to pay alimony may cause many issues, including a motion for contempt filed by the former spouse receiving alimony.

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How does a divorce settlement work in Georgia?

Parties in a divorce case may settle their divorce case by agreement. This agreement may be partial or it may resolve every pending issue.

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Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

An uncontested divorce in Georgia is where all contestable issues in the divorce case are resolved by full agreement of the parties.

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Can you increase or decrease alimony in Georgia?

Depending on the type of alimony and other circumstances, you may increase or decrease alimony in Georgia.

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Alimony in Georgia

A spouse in a divorce action may seek alimony. How alimony in Georgia is determined depends on many factors that the court may consider.

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Joint legal custody and COVID vaccination

If you have joint legal custody of your child, the parenting plan may guide you in making decisions regarding your child’s COVID vaccination.

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Is a personal injury award considered marital property?

Some portions of a personal injury award may be considered marital property and subject to equitable division in a divorce action.