Child Custody

Legitimation in Georgia 2023
Legitimation in Georgia is one way for a biological father of a minor child to become the child’s legal father where the child was born out of wedlock. Under Georgia law, the term biological father does not necessarily mean the legal father. A biological father may make his relationship with the child legitimate by filing a legitimation in Georgia action against the mother of the child. What does a child born out of wedlock mean? …
Grandparents’ Rights in Georgia 2023
Grandparents may get custody of their grandchildren in Georgia under certain circumstances. Grandparents may also get visitation rights.
How do I modify child custody in Georgia in 2023?
It may be possible to change or modify an initial child custody order under certain circumstances by filing a petition with the court.
Is automatic change of custody allowed?
An automatic change of custody provision calls for a change of custody (or visitation) in the future without the court’s involvement.
Georgia custody laws 2023
How child custody is determined in Georgia depends on many factors, and child custody is a very broad term with many meanings.
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